Thoughts on Baseball and Lawrence

indians-croppedThe despair I felt watching the Indians lose Game 7 of the World Series in extra innings last night brought to mind previous baseball seasons and the bitter-sweet passage of time. 

Cleveland baseball fans well remember Game 7 of the 1997 World Series when the Indians also lost in extra innings. My boys were little at the time (ages four and one) and they slept soundly through the crushing disappointment.

Although it seemed the world had ended for me and everyone in Cleveland the day after that defeat, my little boys were blissfully unaware and life blessedly moved on. As the years passed, they faced their own challenges at school that made a World Series loss seem like a walk in the park.

indians2Then, we found Lawrence School. No World Series win could compare to the relief and joy I felt knowing my boys had found a school where they could thrive and grow.

Today, my older son is a college graduate forging into his adult life while my younger son is a sophomore in college buried in books and papers. Neither slept through Game 7 this time around. Although terribly disappointed by the defeat, they know that sometimes the ball doesn’t fall your way and rain delays can happen at the worst possible times. Thanks to the many lessons they learned at Lawrence, they know how to both celebrate victory and graciously manage defeat. Watching them grow, I do too.

This is my Lawrence story. I invite you to make a gift to the Annual Fund and help those children who slept through last night’s game find their Lawrence story one day.

Make a gift at

eiben_mrs-_34Jayne Eiben is a Lawrence alumni parent as well as the school’s Advancement Director. Prior to coming to Lawrence, she taught middle school English and social studies at Laurel School. When her sons were young, she worked as a freelance journalist writing articles for the local NPR station, newspapers and magazines. After college, she worked as a sports agent and events coordinator at IMG where she represented professional tennis players and ice skaters. Jayne received her bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Michigan and her master’s degree in Education from John Carroll University. She welcomes your comments at


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