The Lawrence Advantage: In Their Words

“Why do you love Lawrence School?”

We recently asked our students to consider the answer to this question for a video project that would help support the Annual Fund. While the question was simple, we were struck by the depth and breadth of the answers.  Some were whimsical (“because we do a cookie dough sale and have Panera for lunch) while others were insightful (“there are not a lot of schools in the world that can help kids who have disabilities”). Some were deeply heartfelt (“because I feel safe here”).

This simple project reminded us that the best advocates for our school don’t come from administration, but rather the individuals who experience the effect Lawrence has on their lives firsthand. Their messages are sincere, spontaneous and candid.

We found this to be true again after we posted the video (which you can watch – or watch again – below) on our Facebook and YouTube channels and read the many responses from current and past Lawrence School parents.

Said one parent of a Lower School student:

“We love Lawrence because they look at our son and do not see his learning differences, but see a young man with limitless potential. A potential that only needed to be unlocked by the right set of teachers who understand the way his mind works. This year, he started 3rd grade at Lawrence as a shell of himself; completely broken by his inability to read, write or spell like his fellow classmates. In his first few weeks at Lawrence, we realized we had OUR son back. They had already given him the tools to start rebuilding his confidence, and continue to do so on a daily basis.”

Said another:

“As a parent, I love Lawrence School. Finally, we found a school that works WITH our daughter and appreciates her learning style. We no longer struggle for hours with homework. In fact, rarely do we help with homework!”

A parent of a former student shared this perspective:

“We love Lawrence School because they were there when our daughter recognized she needed them most. Most important, they gave her (and my husband and I) the confidence to be able to advocate for herself. Two years later our daughter was able to return to the public school system because she believed in herself and learned to begin taking ownership of her academic, emotional and social success.”

We also received some touching responses from our Alumni, including this one:

“I love Lawrence because I graduated on time with more confidence and scholarships than I thought was possible…  I have made life long friends and unforgettable memories at a school that reminds me every day I can and I will succeed. It may take me longer to read those medical reports but because of Lawrence I have the confidence to pursue my career as a neuropsychologist. I love Lawrence School because it is a place where disabilities become possibilities and differences are not something to be ashamed of.”

Hearing these messages from our students and parents is at once humbling and inspiring. We are grateful to all those who participated, risked a few moments on camera, or wrote in with comments. As educators, we are proud to be in a school that sets and achieves a higher standard for students who learn differently than can be achieved in the current general environments. By doing so, we establish the precedent that this can and should happen elsewhere.

The Annual Fund is the backbone of our advancement efforts. It raises essential operating dollars to keep our school on the cutting edge of learning differences education. It also provides important unrestricted dollars for the school’s general operations.

If you would like to make a gift, please click here.

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